Hex Head, Self Drilling Screws 12 X 25

Hex Head, Self Drilling screws for metal


Hex head, self drilling, coarse thread screws for metal.

  • Standard 5/16 hex drive. Designed for power driving.
  • Self drilling hardened tips for quick and easy starts.
  • Coarse, parallel thread for high clamping strength even on thinner metals. 16 tpi.
  • Useful for sheetmetal assembly, brackets, steel assemblies up to 3.5 mm thick.
Hex Head, Self Drilling Screws, 12 X 25 (Class 4 galvanised + neoprene washer, Pack 100)


Class 4 galvanised + neoprene washer
$12.95 AUD

Pack size: 

Pack 100