Black Lives matter and Marxism

Martyn Iles of the Australian Christian Lobby on the connection between Black Lives Matter and Marxism.

I condemn Black Lives Matter because they are a Marxist movement.

Marxism is anti-Christ.

They substitute sin with power.

They substitute the individual with the tribe, imputing guilt, innocence, and judgement to collective groups, not responsible people.

They absolve guilt, not by repentance, but by claiming victim status. Sin is justified for some tribes.

They do not absolve guilt for all. It cannot be absolved for the wrong tribes.

They exist to agitate, tear down, create chaos, divide, and destroy. That is the cultural Marxist objective – wreck the joint; destroy the system; do it violently.

They substitute facts with emotion, stoking the flames of anger to drive this program, by (for example) wildly exaggerating the extent of racist policing. They gnaw away at law and order.

Most horrifyingly of all, however, they don’t substitute forgiveness with anything. There simply is none. Sins of the past cannot ever be made right. Every last drop of reckoning, penance, and reparation must be extracted.

“Forgive, even as God in Christ forgave you…”

It is a very grave sin for a Christian to adopt an unforgiving spirit. It is anti-Christ, because it denies the very essence of who Jesus is and what He has done in us. It is what you join hands with every time you hashtag BLM.

Not to mention, they support the total destruction of the nuclear family, the ‘liberation’ of gender, abortion, and every other sinful thing we’ve been weeping over in recent decades.

Yes, scripture says God hates the sin of partiality, which is what racism is.

Yes, scripture says you cannot hate your neighbour and love God at the same time.

God is colour blind.

God sees us we truly are – human beings, made to bear His image, but fallen in sin.

In His mercy, God offers us what we truly need in Jesus – true salvation from sin and full forgiveness for all. A perfect image-bearer in Christ, into whose likeness we are transformed, day by day.

This is the colour-blind message which truly answers the needs of our world.

It is the greatest equality ever known, from the God of the universe.

Christians must LEAD with answers that have their roots in this message, not follow sheepishly behind the cultural trends of the day which are utterly opposed to this message in their very core.

“For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Gal 3:28)