Islamist terror


It wasn’t a gun. It wasn’t a bomb. It wasn’t a machete.

It was a truck. A truck. 2-3 minutes. 84 now dead, including 10 children.

Do you understand now? It’s not the weapon. It’s the ideology.


Yes. How long before our leaders acknowledge this and start to deal with it? How long before we as a society can seriously debate the nature of Islam as a religio/ political system? How long before our universities begin to subject the Quran to the same searching critique they have given the Bible over the last couple of centuries?

How long will we pretend that Islam is a religion of peace?

Please don’t attack individual Muslims. They are just people like you and me. They are the wrong target. Islam is the problem. That is what needs to be examined. Searchingly examined. So that we can know the enemy that we are at war with. That will help us to make right decisions about how to fight the war.