The Labor Party motion to legalise ‘same sex marriage’

My response to the Labor Party motion to legalise ‘same sex marriage’

That’s why we don’t trust Labor. They don’t trust us, the people, to have a debate about a change in our social structure that is profound. They just want to dictate to us from on high!

Labor, It’s time you let the people decide!

Romany responded with this comment:
My rights shouldn’t be up for a public debate with a platform given to hate speech.

My response to this:
No hate speech involved, Romany. And as to whether we are talking about anyone’s rights is the point of the debate. No-one is denying that gays can live their lifestyle. But do they have the right to take to themselves a term that has for millennia meant to be a lifetime bond between a man and a woman?

This is a very significant change that will profoundly affect our society at many levels. At the very least the public whom it will affect should have the chance to debate such a profound change.

Sure, there will be strong words used, because there are strong issues at stake. But disagreement does not mean hate. It just means disagreement. That is all.

On an issue as significant as this, let the people decide!