The Australian media and politics

From LLoyd, a coorespondent to ‘The Australian’

The bulk of the media really need to grow up and stop playing their petty and mindless games. Australia deserves better. Good government and good policy decisions are never going to be achieved in this current climate of gossipy and irresponsible media. Chris Kenny is right to highlight this irrational obsession that most in the Canberra Press Gallery have with Abbott. They are so determined to completely destroy the man that they can not see how they are totally undermining the good long term governance of this nation.

The MSM have way overstepped the mark in thinking that they should have the power to determine who governs in Australia. Many mindlessly pushed Rudd onto an unsuspecting public (even though Rudd’s past performance in State politics indicated he was narcissistic and dysfunctional). Labor rode on this wave of adulation thinking they could use Rudd to gain power but then also control him. They obviously couldn’t so knifed him instead and this has become the pattern. What a disaster for Australia that has turned out to be!

The Press Gallery have been manically in pursuit of Abbott, before, during and after his stint as PM. It really has become a psychosis for them, and in turn, has been passed on to the Australian public where the debate over Abbott has become very divided and hyperbolic. Many in the media claim that most people hate (not simply dislike) Abbott. Much of that “hate” was manufactured and continuously fed by the media and much of it is mindless and irrational.

Is that what the MSM want? Ongoing chaos. We have not had effective government in Australia for close to a decade and the media have played a leading role in creating much of this instability.