Comments on the ‘gay marriage’ debate

In response to an article in The Australian I responded to a comment:

From a man named John:

I’ve had a gut full of the whole thing. Marriage is between a man and a woman: full stop! And it will be ever thus.

Wait and hear the gays cry louder than ever when they lose the plebiscite. Also think of all the skullduggery that will occur to try and swing he vote. It will be worse than the skullduggery at elections.

To which I responded:

@John Except it won’t be most gays crying louder. Most gays are not interested in marriage. That has been demonstrated in many studies. It is also easy to see in those countries where ‘gay marriage’ has been legalised. The vast majority of gays do not show any interest in getting married.

But there is a political lobby who will keep crying louder. Because there is much more than gay marriage at stake. It is the very structure of our society. The proponents of ‘gay marriage’ are well aware of this. You can see the beginnings of this in the so called ‘Safe Schools’ program.

Let no-one tell you this is insignificant. This is vitally significant. The very structure of our society depends on it. The only way to deal with it is to send a clear message to the politicians by voting No!