Destroying marriage

A correspondent to The Australian, ‘Save the Krill’ asked the question:

What have I missed?  In the sixties and seventies, the gay movement as it was then, were fervently against marriage.  Now they are terminally miserable and cannot live without it.  Can someone tell me what happened?

My response:

Yes, I have noticed that too. And having researched it a bit it has become clear to me that the activists driving this have the aim of destroying marriage.

It seems that most of the gay community are not at all interested in marriage, as can be seen by the low take-up in countries where SSM has been legalised. So it is not the general gay community that is pushing this.

The activists pushing this know that if they can redefine marriage to mean something other than a man and a woman getting married, then eventually the term ‘marriage’ becomes meaningless. Marriage as a recognisable influence, with all its stabilising effect on society, will have been effectively destroyed.

I think it was Lenin who said that if you want to control society then first you have to destroy the family. Destroying marriage is just the first step.