Refugees on Manus Island

It’s easy to shout shame, shame. It’s much harder to come up with a workable solution. If there was an easy solution do you think the government of the day wouldn’t use it? The way I see it is:

  • Any government would resolve this if they could.
  • The present government didn’t cause this to happen. The previous government opened the door and the people smugglers went to work.
  • Refugee ‘advocates’ are not making it easy for governments to resolve this. They seem to be mainly focussed on forcing open Australia’s borders.
  • The government’s efforts to resettle refugees in third party countries is opposed by ‘advocates’ at every turn. Maybe ‘advocates’ need to remember that we elected a government to govern.

So, given that the government has said that they won’t be coming to Australia, how can this be resolved? Hash tag being them here is a pointless exercise because it’s not going to happen. Pointless unless you have a political axe to grind.

Perhaps that aspect of what is going on needs closer examination. What political axes are being ground here? Who is using the suffering of the refugees for their own political ends? Who is it that is preventing the resettlement of refugees in third party countries?

Seriously, no government wants this to continue. We can’t go back to the days of people smugglers and leaky boats. So we need a solution. Settling them here would just get the people smugglers going again. So we need a different solution. Why are so many ‘advocates’ opposing every effort to find a solution?