We need to talk about this!

In response to an article about Donald Trump’s decision to temporarily ban people from some Muslim nations from entry to the United States.

Perhaps this will finally get us talking about the nature of Islam.

Islam is not just another religion. It is a religio-political system that is totally supremacist. According to the Quran Muslims are to be in jihad until Islam is supreme. This is completely incompatible with our democratic system of government.

Just in case someone wants to say that Christians are no different, can I remind you that Jesus himself validated civil government when he said to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Paul confirmed this in Romans 13 when he instructed Christians to obey the governing authorities.

Thankfully many Muslims don’t live like this and are ordinary law abiding citizens. But that doesn’t change the nature of Islam.

How to deal with this is something we need to have a national debate about. The Americans needed to have this debate but the political correctness people shut it down. So Trump, who at least recognises the problem, had to act unilaterally.

We need to have this national debate without shouts of ‘Islamophobia!’ every time someone expresses an opinion on Islam! As exemplified by the rather abusive, aggressive tone of this article in the Guardian.