In response to Trump’s ban on entry from some Middle East countries.

I reckon everybody is missing the point. Sure, we should make sure terrorists are not getting in. But we aren’t looking at the nature of Islam, and what will the effect of large Muslim minorities have on a country. In case you’re wondering, look at France. Look at what is beginning to happen in Germany. Look at what is happening in Indonesia.

As a nation, as a society, we need to discuss this matter of the nature of Islam. Urgently and importantly. Without being shut down by the politically correct mob. The long term issue of large Muslim minorities and the effect they have on social coherence and national security needs to be discussed and debated.

I don’t want to demonise peaceful Muslims. I welcome them in my home and accept them as equal citizens. But that does not change the supremacist nature of Islam and the problems that inevitably causes. That is what we need to discuss.