Property and profit are theft?

This is my response to a Facebook post about negative gearing:

Yep. Negative gearing is for the rich. Us rich are screwing everybody else. Never mind that we provide affordable rental properties for all those who either cannot afford or do not want to buy a house. Never mind that we take all the risk. That we do all the maintenance. Pay all the insurance. Do all the repairs. Pay the mortgage. Doesn’t matter. We are the rich. Ripping people off.

We are the rich. That’s why we mortgage ourselves to the eyeballs to buy an investment property.

Governments cannot possibly provide all the necessary rental properties needed. Private investors are the only way to do this. It is small business that drives the economy. Property investment it’s just another form of small business. Why do people want to drive small business out of the market?

I reckon part of it is a politics of envy. Envy of us who bust a boiler trying to make it work, for us and for our tenants. But I reckon there is also a deeper thing happening. If you can drive individual investors out of the market you open the door to the big players, both private and government. Much easier to control than lots of individual investors.

Never forget the importance of penalising anyone who wants to have a go and make things work. Property and profit is theft, after all!