‘Christians believe that only God demands “total allegiance”

In response to a claim in this article that ‘Christians believe that only God demands “total allegiance”.

An interesting article. I don’t know enough about Trump to know what he actually believes, but there is one statement in the article which needs further thought:

‘Christians believe that only God demands “total allegiance”

Yes this is true…but…there’s more. God demands the allegiance that is due to him. We are not to give to anyone or anything the worship we owe him.

But we can give our allegiance to other things also. Jesus himself said ‘Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.’ Examples:

  • I give my wife the total allegiance and love I owe to her as my wife.
  • I love my children with the total love that is due to them. I give each of them 100% of my love. I don’t divide it and give each of them a bit.
  • I give my business the total commitment and attention it deserves. If I didn’t I would go broke.
  • I am an Australian and I give Australia my total allegiance as my country. I love my Dutch heritage, but my total allegiance is to Australia.

So Trump is quite right to call on Americans to give the total allegiance they owe to their country. As long as they don’t give their country the devotion they owe to God.