Progression in the Bible and the Quran

This was my response to a post about there being more warlike verses in the Bible than in the Quran.

Yeah, and the Bible covers several millennia of history. The Quran covers 23 years of history.

The Bible moves from a time of the nation state of Israel, from more violent times, to the New Testament where there is no more conquest by the sword. In fact, none of the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament fought by the sword. So there is a progression away from the warlike towards the peaceful.

There is also a progression in Islam. Muhammad went from the relatively peaceful preacher in Mecca for 10 years, in which he gathered about 150 converts, to the treacherous warrior who conquered all of Arabia by the sword.

The progression in the Bible is from warlike to peaceful.

The progression in the Quran is from relative peacefulness to all-out war. A war that has not ceased yet, and cannot cease until the whole world is subject to Islam.